Proposition de communication sur le thème des fonctions, supportée par Fabrice Vandebrouck

samedi 15 décembre 2007
par  Vandebrouck, Fabrice
popularité : 13%

The CI2U (University Inter IREM Commission) groups together teachers of university level and teachers from secondary school interested by problems of teaching at the beginning of the university. During the last year, the commission has investigated knowledge of pupils coming from secondary school and entering at the university. A questionnaire has been proposed in more than seven universities in France to detect students’ competencies in domains of sequences, functions, and general reasoning. The communication aims to show some results on the domain of the functions even if this topic has been investigated with many works since many decades. We hope to illustrate that the didactical knowledge about student’s conceptions of functions at the end of secondary school is always valid and that there still exists a gap between these conceptions, the associated competencies and the mathematical activity awaited at university level. With this communication, we want to revisit didactical knowledge about functions at this level of teaching and initialize discussions in the TSG5 about all the associated troubles.



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