National presentation at the ICME-14 Congress

The IREM network, part of the presentation
mardi 13 juillet 2021
par  Cortella, Anne
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On July 14, 2021, the CFEM presents the landscape of mathematics education in France at ICME-14 (the 14th International Congress on Mathematics Education).
The presentation contains a chapter on the IREM network

The IREM network (Institutes for Research on Mathematics Education) is one of the components of the CFEM (Frensch Commission for Mathematics Education) which is the French component of ICMI (International Commission on Mathematical Instruction).

  • A presentation of the IREM network constitutes chapter V of the national presentation, proposed by the CFEM during the ICME-14 congress.
    This presentation is a summary of acollective text, available below in French, English and Spanish, and an abstract is available in English and Chinese.
  • A video of the presentation of the IREM network is available on the video server of the IREM of Paris.
    Link to the presentation videos of the IREMnetwork or of other parts
    This video is a recording in English proposed by Anne Cortella, president of the ADIREM (Assembly of IREM directors), with the participation of :
    • Anne Dusson, member of the MONAF group of the IREM of Rouen
    • Maelle Jouran, IREM of Rouen, in charge of the CII (Commission inter-IREM) college
    • Vincent Paillet, IREM of Centre Val de Loire, CII Repères-IREM, CS-IREM (Scientific Committee of the IREM)
    • Stéphanie Prunier, member of the Rally group of the IREM of Dijon.
      The ADIREM thanks them very much for their performance and for their investment for the network.
      You will find below the slides of the presentation (in English), as well as the texts of the speakers (in french with subtitles in the video).
      The editing was done by Fabrice Rouillier, president of Animath, who also edited the complete video of the national presentation. Thank you Fabrice.
  • A presentation file of the network had also been written for the candidacy for the Emma Castelnuovo medal in 2019. You can find some additional elements. The page dedicated to the medal

CFEM site for ICME-14

Documents joints

National presentation - french version
National presentation - English version
Presentación nacional - versión en español
NP- English and Chinese summary
Texts (french and english) of A. Dusson, M. (...)
slides of the network presentation
Text of V. Paillet
Poster presenting Publimath



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