Proposition sur le raisonnement logique, supportée par Viviane Durand Guerrier

samedi 15 décembre 2007
par  Vandebrouck, Fabrice
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The CI2U is a national commission in France in which tertiary and secondary teachers form various IREM in France interested in “teaching and learning mathematics” at the beginning of University, taking in account questions related with transition, work together.
Among our interests are the difficulties met by students concerning logic, language, reasoning, and proving in their mathematical activity. Our contribution will rely on the one hand on various situations and innovations discussed, analysed and experimented in the group for several years ; on the other hand, about the results obtained through a questionnaire that was proposed in September 2007 in more than seven universities in France, in order to recover information about students ‘competencies in the areas of sequences, functions, and logic (mainly about implication, negation and quantification). We will support the thesis that generally the complexity of theses logical notions that are at the very core of mathematical activities, are generally underestimated by teachers, as well at secondary level as at tertiary level, especially concerning the articulation between natural language and formalised language. We will propose to the discussion some paths allowing to deal with these logical notion all along the mathematical courses, and not only in a separated chapter devoted to these notions.



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